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The Raenessest is separated into 3 syllables: Rae/ ness/ est.

1. All of who Rachel is / All of who I am; if the participants name is Rachel.

2. Completely pure and innocent.

History of Raenessest:

The girl's name Rae also used as boy's name Rae, is pronounced Ray. Short form of Rachel (Hebrew) "ewe/lamb" or "purity/innocence"

forming nouns chiefly from adjectives: suffix
1. denoting a state or condition (sadness, happiness...)
- an instance of this (a kindness)

forming the superlative of adjectives: suffix

(such as shortest, widest, brightest...)
1. It is to amplify the statement of "I am Rachel", the speaker would be claiming more than just stating a name when saying, "I am Raenessest". -"I found who I am, I'm now a Raenessest. - I feel completely Raenessest.

2. She never thinks anything bad of people, she's such a raenessest.
by Raenessest February 05, 2010
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