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A. n. A creature that exists in a cavern, devoid of light and capitalism; longing to regain the glory of the "Old World"
B. v. Any member of any executive board or voting body/organization who submits themselves to numerous resignations and/or impeachments.
C. n. The antichirst and anithesis of political correctness all rolled into one Czech, bent on global domination.
D. n. President of the Peter Vella Vinyard Fan Club
A. Example: Grendel, Grizzly Bears, that thing from Tales from the Crypt
B. "He only radimed to get attention"
C. "And lo, the Lord said unto the masses when darkness descends unto the campus of SHU, there shall be a great cry and then, lo, Radim shall be in attendence."
D. "Peter and I are having a paaaaarrtteee tonight. Ladies welcome"
by Xfiend October 10, 2006
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