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The word you add after some words to indicate similarities. The "-esk" word could replace "-like."
It has a sort of spicy-esk flavor.
by Etuian August 08, 2012
A small country town in Queensland Australia.
dude 1: So where do you live?
dude 2: In Esk.
by Lorryhn September 11, 2011
Spelled with a K for flare, the esk is a state of mind. It's a lifestyle lived by someone. It basically means anything can come out of your mouth at any given time no matter who's around or what the situation is. Esk moments can happen to others. If one did occur you might say that it was a "esk" moment.
Billy's brother was recently hit by a car and killed. Jeff was watching t.v. with Billy and comments "I love car crashes". That was a "esk" moment.
by Pigeon1980 December 11, 2005
'Esk' is the nickname of one elite counter-strike player named Don. He plays for the elitest team in the world, named K2, based out of Kamloops. Who owns. They own you.
1. Man, that ESK kid fckin pwned me!
2. Damn, esk is BS gettin al lthose Headshots
3. Man, if only esk was as good as walle
by walle April 25, 2005
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