Possibly the gayest word ever spoken in the hippie language, Retarded, stupid and completely over used in the pot head community.
Dude: Yo, man that was a totally rad party last night.
Person: Your face!!!!!!!
Dude: What ever man your not rad.
Person: Kill yourself!
by ZetsuTheForbidden September 12, 2009
1. Cool
2. To have sexual relations with.
1. That party was rad
2. I got rad with this girl last night.
by Tim December 21, 2003
Abbreviation for Really Awesome Dudes. Used in the context "Hey man, you're rad," it is also an organzation of strapping men from Pine Plains, NY. Who are Really Awesome. Dude.
Hey bro, you're so RAD. You are a really awesome dude.
by Dee Dubbya August 07, 2008
Benchwarmers of Residence Life Staff. They lie in wait until an active Residence Assistant quits or leaves for other reasons, and then take on that role. They are given all of the training of a full RA and must live in Residence even though they serve no functional purpose.
"Say, aren't you a RAD? Why did you accept the position?"
"I have no idea. Please end my suffering."
by Mattzorz February 28, 2007
A word used by complete pink shirt wearing faghatsto sound cooler
scientific fact: 90% of toolbags say rad.
by The~Intellectual~Me September 24, 2008
A word that can be replaced with cool or awesome. Generally meaning that something is good.
Rad is the most annoying word ever to have been created.
by Abby Scholtendey August 08, 2005
a term that white people use. everyone in the east bay makes fun of the word "rad" because of that. haha silly socal kids... see sweet
White Guy: RAD!
by UNKN0WNNN July 20, 2005

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