probably used by the Z-boys (and me) to expess extreme delight at some completly, outstanding, overpoweringly decent. Also probably started by stoned aussie surfers from the stoneage, along with narly, bogus, dude and surfing
Livi skatepark is RAD as fuck man!
by SanJ Street August 03, 2003
A totally rad 80's movie about BMX racing featuring that hot chick from Full House
-Have you seen that rad movie Rad?
-It's totally rad.
by Jared December 18, 2003
Random Acts of Dyslexia

when you randomly mix-up numbers and spelling
I was texting her last night and asked her who she was doing instead of how she was doing... damn RAD!

bottle= bottel
#random #dyslexia #acts #mix-up #damn
by morgalini March 03, 2010
Rewind and Delete (Pronounced rad.) Used when something embarrassing, inaccurate, or unintentional is said or done. Enables speaker to dig him/herself out of a hole: "Just R.A.D that and let me start over."

Can also be used in the event of tripping, spilling, fumbling, etc.
Me: "The party is on Friday."
You: "On Friday, really?"
Me: "Oops, R.A.D. that, it's on Saturday!"
#oops #start over #rewind and delete #rad #r-a-d
by Jennifer33 March 03, 2008
Acronym for "Retarded and Dumb." Generally regarded as the reason the word "rad" fell out of use in the '90s.
Maddona is so R.A.D.!
Yeah, Retarded And Dumb.
#maddona #rad #stupid #retarded #dumb #cool
by penguinposse June 23, 2009
ride and destroy.
A rad skate session. we skated, we destroyed
#rad #destroy #ride #tight #skateboard
by don October 07, 2008
Someone with some degree of old skool coolness.
Yee-ming is so RAD.
#cool #old-skool #awesome #intense #ace
by Paget. September 07, 2008
A word explaing how sweet something is and or how cool. It was used way back when. It is still cool today.
Shutter sunglasses are rad.
#cool #sweet #awesome #groovy #what people want
by Jenakae July 24, 2008
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