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A commonly held nickname for the wonderfully abundant breasts of Dr Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) from TNTs Rizzoli and Isles. Most often referred to in 'Rizzles' fan fiction, the Rack of God even have their own twitter account and are the top search result for this phrase in google. They most overtly made their debut in the episode 'I Kissed a Girl' when Maura and Jane went undercover in a Lesbian bar and, wanting to blend in as a waitress, Maura wore a boobilicious corset. The sexual tension on that evening, and not so subtle glances Jane took at Maura's fantastic boobs earned them the colloquial title, Rack of God, still referred to in reviews of episodes when they make an appearance.
The lesbian subtext in Rizzoli and Isles hit a whole new high in 'I kissed a Girl' when Maura unveiled her Rack of God and Jane couldn't help but sneak a peek.
by SAFan9 October 19, 2013
The ultimate rack. Heavenly hooters. Lowers the heart rate and saves humanity. Only the rack of god can accomplish this. God bless women with the rack of god.
Women with rack of god make life worth living.
by T-Set-Megadeath September 17, 2010
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