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When one asks you to do something which you either cant be bothered to complete or it is simply a stupid idea one might use this word, normally used when describing when someone asked you to do something.
Dave : My manager at work asked me to clear some glasees and i was like; raaawr
james: Raaawr
by The BFS June 13, 2013
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1. When a person (usually male) does something so amazingly superawesome that words can't possibly describe the amazingness of the action a manly "RAAAWR" is used.
2. A manly word used when appraising one another -- usually for scoring with a hot chick.
Ryan- ::does something amazingly superawesome::
Ryan- "RAAAWR!"

Ryan- ::Ryan scores with hot chick::
Ben- ::Looks at Ryan::
Ryan- "RAAAWR"
by Err-T January 31, 2006

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