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Period of intense raving while on ecstacy.
"Dude, brah. We're hella RXC."
by AllyHELLA April 30, 2006
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Wannabe Emos, Scenes and Hardcore Kids. Often wear skinny jeans that don't suit them; Dye their hair odd colors; and have short hair with dull fringes. They often listen to Basic Hardcore and Screamo Bands and Heavy Metal. They will often refer to themselves as Emo or Scene; and often look up ways to become Emo or Scene.

rXc stands for Rejects; basically they are just rejected from society and aim to become like others; and fail.
Kid 1: That kids such a try hard!
Kid 2: Yeah he's real rXc"

Reject 1: Hey Man! We Look so Emo Today!
Reject 2: Nah I dunno I feel real rXc
by Other Kid December 25, 2008
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