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Basically, hardcore/metalcore music with synths/keyboards, typically lighthearted.
Horse The Band = teh sex0rz
by Ian March 07, 2005
169 28
Typically hardcore music with lots of keyboards and new sounds.
mostly electronica music sounds futuristic
whats NOT nintendocore - acting/looking like the nintendo characters, being a nintendo game addict

NOT nintendocore -
person 1: Zomg guys i g0t teh WII and s00per paper mario that game is teh SEXX
person 2: d00d yoo are s0 nintendocore
person 1: i kn0w its s00per radd
by lolcat August 17, 2007
54 12
A genre of music using synthesizers and keyboards to make a distinct sound that sounds like a video game, Mixed with HXC screaming and completely pointless lyrics! 1 Band is HORSE the band.
Nintendo core lyrics:
And a beef will rise again, broken machine in his
hand. Ten words: snapping bunnies twitching gurgling
forget the bombs in your eyes
by W.W.T SKATER August 16, 2006
27 7
Radford University freshman Mike Petersen's fusion of modern metalcore dance with flavors of everyone's favorite childhood gaming system.
"Whoa. He's tearing it up Nintendocore style with those d-pad floorpunches."
by Richie Oliver March 09, 2004
24 52
A musical movement inspired by the hipnotic sounds of nintendo.
Wow, this Postal Service CD is great, it is so nintendocore I think I am going to skeet on my pants.
by Mike Petersen March 01, 2004
28 77