RWS, Running With Scissors, game company most known for their games Postal and Postal 2.
RWS game Postal is banned in alot of countries!
by Niklasson May 16, 2010
Top Definition
Rich While Stupid
Kim and Kris divorced after 72 days? What a couple of RWS!
by pomegranate2000 October 31, 2011
Ratchet White Girl Syndrome. a diease a bunch of white girls from the suburbans suffer with.
"did you see Miley Cyus's music video?"
"yeah man, did you hear she had RWS?"
by daquansmainbitch October 07, 2014
Royal Woman Slurpee. To regurgitate into a woman's vagina during oral sex while shitting your pants.
Jacob was feeling thirsty so he asked his mom if he could have an R.W.S..
by Headless Horseman April 10, 2007
Rwning White Shit.. This is a humongous compliment and can be used anytime.
Th4t H4X0R is l3ik, an RWS!
by RWS January 13, 2006
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