a small kid from england
omg! it's rtt!
by rich November 30, 2003
RTT is short for Reclaim the Throne, a bad ass Death Metal band from South Florida
DUDE! RTT Destroyed Last night!
by damagekid19 August 08, 2009
Stands for "Reclaim The Throne", A sick death metal band from Port St. Lucie, Florida. RTT has brutal breakdowns, and fast-paced melodic riffs, sure to satisfy your sexual desires.
by deathmetalzzzz December 05, 2009
Through all adversity and all peralle you must Rise it
When the going gets tough you must rise it (rise the ting). When u see a hottie bbe feel kno way to rise

In your way of life RTT (take it to another level)
by RTT_Skywalker April 18, 2012
RT(T) Registered Radiation Therapy Technologist

(American Society of Radiologic Technologists)



–noun Medicine/Medical

Professional who treats disease by means of x-rays or of radioactive substances.


1900–05; radio- + therapy

Galveston College Class of 2011
The radiation therapist, RT (T) can treat your sniffnoid!
by Mabecorp May 14, 2011
Remember That Time.
RTT I met Jo Rowling?
RTT I high-fived Nick Jonas?
by 4ndr34 November 23, 2008
"Remember that time?"
RTT we got drunk?
by theaisaradical February 26, 2009
rtt simply means Read the thread
RTT may be used when an answer for a question has been posted previously in the thread, particular weight given if it is just a few post up.
by richlegp December 08, 2007

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