stands for Richardson Square mall
Im going to Richardson Square mall and play some 2dx
by Grant Siegel March 18, 2005
Top Definition
'Raw sexual magnetism'. Used to describe people whose entire body, especially their eyes, draws you in. Must be without effort.
"Oh my God, Emmy, Alexei Yagudin has so much RSM!"
"I know! So does Jason Isaacs!"
by michiruwater January 19, 2008
It stands for Raw Sexual Magnetism. Only people who are natuarally sexy without any form of effort are known to have RSM.
'that boy has RSM'
'just check out the RSM over thier'
by jess November 21, 2004
Robert Smith Mood - a state of mind which make you feel like thats what The Cure write lyrics about; expression for a highly depressive, nihilistic mood; useful when you are describing your mood and dont want to look like an emo
1 god, my life sucks ass

2 u r quite in an RSM, arent ya
by wtfdidyoujustsay August 21, 2010
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