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1.Run Shit Family. Though making little sense, if one is given this title, it means they are gangsters and they run shit.
Created by African Americans in Cheltenham, the word was used as a compliment that one could only put on themselves.

2.A word was commonly put as one's middle name on facebook.

3. A club of teenagers who think that they are gangster, but are actually only bad for their suburban school.
Yo I RSF all day dawg.

My name on Facebook is Tyrone RSF Smith.

Are you part of the RSF group?
by G RSF A December 07, 2010
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a bunch of guys who try to pretend to be cool but can only call each other gay all day.
Omg u r teh ghey!!111
by TaoOfSand November 15, 2003
bunch of the coolest fuckin people with josh as the leader
by EDUBB September 07, 2003
A TLA which stands for Rubbish Spewing Fan
Person 1: "The entire existence of Company A is based upon copying, as nothing Company A does is original that had not been done by Company B or Company C before."
Person 2: "You sir, are a RSF."
by 98744987 August 05, 2014

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