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When you make a kissing sound and motion approximately 15 seconds after your boyfriend has left the vicinity of your face after kissing you. He will then spend 5 minutes generating a substantial amount of laughter from you by 1. Acting very homosexual-attitude about the situation and 2. Showing you how crazy it makes you look.
When kissing my girlfriend last night she sat there without returning the kiss. She did not even respond. I pulled away and after about 15 seconds of just looking at her she made the sound of a kiss and a slight purse of her lips. Apparently there was an invisible man between us or she is just crazy. That is when I said "That was a Delayed Reaction"!
by BigGreeneGuy October 05, 2009
When someone makes a reaction that is delayed. Obviously. This happens by means of mental illness or just stupidity.
Dude1: Haha, you suck.
Dude2: (*smacks Dude1*)

((two minutes later))

Dude1: ...hey that hurt!
by Chelsie Strode November 11, 2004
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