Rolling On Sofa Laughing
N : God, that's so funny! I'm practically rolling on floor laughing
R : I'm sitting on the sofa so I was ROSL-ing the whole time! HAHAHA.
N : WHOAA! ROSL-ing? Cool! I'm gonna go sleep now and still gonna continue ROBL-ing!
by shottt July 26, 2010
Rolling On Sand Laughing.

For all the cool kids, who roll around on sand......>__> laughing.
Brooke: ROSL That was too good.
Jenn:Oh I know.
by jennjennx3 May 02, 2009
rolling on street laughing pronounced (ross-sul) not to be used online only in person or on the phone
Haley was rosling because of Anthony and Pablo.
by Haleylovesacm&&dtl November 02, 2008

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