Top Definition
"Rolling on the floor laughing and wanking".

Coined by Ricky Gervais in his blog on February 2011.
I was having a threesome, and while these girls were scissoring, one of them queefed, they looked at each other in disgust for a few seconds... They both thought the other one farted! I literally ROFLAWed...
by admmak February 03, 2011
Rolling on floor laughing and wanking.
Thats some funny porn. (ROFLAW)
by RickyGervaisPlagiarism February 13, 2011
A newer, improved version of the social network favourite ROFL. Similar to ROFL (Rolling on floor laughing). But improved by the inclusion of AW (and wanking).
Did you see this weeks weigh in on The Biggest Loser? I was ROFLAW.
by kylewillo February 16, 2011

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