talian name meaning 'Dewdrops'.

A one of a kind girl who is worth it

very talented and beautiful lady

"classy but wild"

"Hi my name is Rocio."

"Really WOW! what a beautiful name!"

#rocio #sio #ro-ro #ro #rosio
by 1xXxMarcoxXx4 October 27, 2008
Top Definition
A girl who is incredibly friendly, great personality, smart, fun, charming, good hearted, take home to mom girl, sometimes shy, irreplaceable, independant, will do anything in her will to help and an incredibly beautiful person inside and out.
Once you find yourself a Rocio, never let her go.
#pretty #smart #fun #loyal #helpful
by LORDGODLORD February 05, 2010
Italian name meaning 'Dewdrops'.
"Hi my name is Rocio."

"Really WOW! what a beautiful name!"
#rocio #sio #ro-ro #ro #rosio
by xXxMarcoxXx August 30, 2006
a rocio is a uncommon name that means short and pretty and she has an attitude
rocio is so pretty
#short #pretty #cute #traviesa #sweet
by baby_A December 25, 2008
Tiny Mexican girl who's obsessed with spongebob.
"You know that girl Rocio? The one that never shuts up about spongebob?"
#rocio #spongebob #tiny #mexican #ghetto
by Aznmaster123 February 16, 2010
dew, aka earth's pee.

a very hyperactive young lady usually nicknamed pikachu
who regularly enters fast food establishments to steal their straws to later sell them from her car.
laughs maniacally at other peoples misfortune.
randomly sings "i aint gonna pee pee my bed tonight"
stop that rocio! she's getting near our straws!
#rocio #straws #pikachu #dew #maniacally
by batmanchick April 29, 2011
A term Refeering to a bobble head, a Girl with an oversised head that looks like it is bobbling when she nods
hey! look at rocio, shes bobbling hahaha
by Mike Jones bitch July 31, 2005
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