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A term commonly used by gymnasts, a rip is a build up of skin caused by the friction between the gymnasts hands and the uneven bars/high bar/rings/parallel bars that basically rips off.
Person 1: Look at the rip i got today!
Person 2: awesome!
by I will not party in the USA November 05, 2009
Often used in epitaphs in medieval cemeteries, and more recently cartoons. The acronym can mean either "Requiescat In Pace" or its English translation "Rest In Peace".
R.I.P John Smith 1900-1957
by Rotavator December 21, 2010
Verb: to die, to shut off.

The origin of this word comes from the obvious Rest In Peace. R.I.P. The acronym is replaced with the word "rip".
K: "Shit my phone."
J: "What's happened man?"
K: "I forgot to charge my phone and it totally "ripped" on me"


H:" Man I can't believe you lied about your grandpa "Rippin' "
J:"Well dude I had to get out of class"
by SFB aka the hardcourt killa May 10, 2010
Getting King Pin drunk and not giving a fuck, while being so reckless and out of control that you lose everyone you know and love, while intentionally breaking everything you come into contact with.
Wow ! Steve and Mike really let it fuckin rip last night !

by ripper24 January 02, 2011
1.) Acronym - Rest in Peace
2.) A term often used by roleplayers. It is an acronym for Roleplaying In Public.
RIP can be done in copybooks, over the computer, or on anything that can be publicly viewed. It is most commonly done in copybooks.
RIP can also be used as a verb meaning to roleplay in public
During school, the students pass a RIP book, where they continue their roleplay stories.
by Hawaiianbabidoll March 01, 2008
v. To flatulate, fart
I just ripped a good one
by indydave July 08, 2005
Rips (romantically inclined pervs), make up about 1 - 3% of the population, they are also referred to as "the other gays that aren't gay," since they have a similar amount of possible mates to choose from. A rip is a tragic figure, who has one or more extreme sexual fetishes, yet needs a loving, and attached relationship to engage in sex. Most rips frequently end up with assholes, who satisfy them well, or lame people, who are sweet, but unsexy.
"She wanted dildo in her ass, while walking hand in hand on the beach, what a rip!" or "she asks for eternal love, and fistings in the same sentence, crazy ass rip!"
by antipancakes March 01, 2013