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A point in a song where you can actually hear the bass.
Jamal: Killer bass solo out there tonight, bro.
Bart: You mean when the guitarist's amp shorted out for a second?
by Edgefag February 27, 2011
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The concept that some type of performance, idea, behavior or technology is so difficult to understand that it could either be genuinely incredible, or simply useless.

i.e. According to my knowledge, John Myung (the bassist for Dream Theater) is very good at bass because i can't tell what he is playing.
Operation Iraqi Freedom was apparently a very strategic and valiant effort to do something somewhere, but it was all just a bass solo to me.

Since Joe had to scramble at the last minute to ready his 30 page thesis, he bass soloed his way through the presentation the next morning.

I went to a bass solo convention. nuff said.
by M[]ed July 14, 2009

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