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Nowadays, people refer the term "ribbing" as making fun of someone, but in reality, it actually means "I am GOING to attempt to insult you, even though I have do not have a good comeback."
Fellow Student: -happens to glance over at my computer screen, and sees something that isn't too attractive to him- OMG WHAT IS THAT EW OMGWTFBBQ

Myself: I would appreciate that you would keep your opinion to yourself, because I sure as fuck do not care for it.

Fellow Student: -that strange clicking noise that students such as he makes, becomes irritated- ....I'm about to rib..

Myself: -smiles- I'd like to see you do it.

Fellow Student: .....nappy.....hair....

Myself: -smiles wider, gives a chuckle..- Hey, good job. Keep up the good work. -goes back to work-
by ANForever April 29, 2011

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