The Illest crew in NYC during the mid 90`s. Known to "hand" in the west village. They held other grafitti crews in a vice grip of fear for many years
by Cash September 17, 2003
(Running From Cops) Real ---deaL RFC--- FROM NYC...Took over NYC in 90 s..and still today in 2004 we have active wall bangers and train smacking warriors doing their thing.Also peep TRAX STARS CREW.
Rapeing Female Cops..
by deaL RFC (TRAX STARS CEW)NYC January 04, 2004
Romanian Fried Chicken - a chicken substance, or something theat looks and smells somewhat like chicken, breaded in wheat flour and romanian goat fur, fried in oil of dovlete.
mmmmm let's grab a bucket of RFC tonight and head over to alex's place!
by mike babblefish February 21, 2006
Real Fucking Cool (sarcastic)
(i actually just bullshitted that)
by Psilonaut September 26, 2003
RutherFord County - - The Boro, Smyrna, & LaVergne

Crunk ass place in middle Tennessee
Sheeit Nigga, I reppin' the RFC
by Joe September 09, 2004

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