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Request for comment - traditionally, the way standards were implemented on the web. Someone proposes a set of rules for a certain action, others comment on it, and it's eventually finalized. Applications will often say they conform to RFC something-or-other to prove they interoperate with basic standards. The RFC most people use daily is RFC2616, aka HTTP/1.1
Someone needs to draft an RFC for a stab-idiot-IRC-users-in-the-face protocol.
by Evil Timmy September 27, 2003
Room for cream. Used to let your barista know to leave it ½” to ¾” below the rim so you may add skim milk, half and half, or other accompaniments to your coffee beverage.
I’ll have the Sumatran, RFC please.
by Diego Mendez April 13, 2009
Read Fucking Code - used in computer software firms, when somebody asks question
- how does the Linux timer work?
- man, do you know what rfc means?
- no
- read fucking code!
by doctorwillfixu March 16, 2012
In the game World of Warcraft (WoW) rfc stands for Ragefire Chasm which is an instance.
somedude: in need of a healer for rfc
by kimahara January 08, 2008
R.F.C. = A short Abbreviation for Rangers Football Club
R.F.C are better than CFC
by Barry Ferguson November 30, 2007
Read for comprehension
R: My brain doesn't work that way.
S: Right, that's why I said "If I didn't know you..."
S: RFC...!!
by LILGRL August 11, 2009
Rasta Fucking Crew
a crew that is dedicated to do freestyle in all the things and gone with the right idea..

A person that improvice all...LWSA, NCW
if u need to do a presentation, only thing like a RFC and all the expectators will thing that u know all.
by nappy´s boy April 02, 2011
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