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Rectal Cranium Inversion - term describing someone who has their head up their ass.
by CCJ October 29, 2003

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residential, commercial, industrial. the three main zone types in a town or city.
Good rci balance means a well planned city infrastrutre.
by mAGIK bUS April 17, 2005
Rectal - Cranial Inversion Syndrome. A way to say someones head is implanted firmly in thier ass and make it sound like the disease it usually is.
Man the boss must have a bad case of RCIS when he thought this up.

Hey did you catch a case of RCIS? Thats your girlfriends cousin you were trying to bang.
by pedro1 August 26, 2007
Acronym for Rectal Cranial Inversion, i.e. someone with their head up their ass.
I had an R.C.I. the other day when I forgot that the post office is closed on Sunday.
by JKG September 20, 2007