code word for stealing, often used while in a shop and not wanting to draw attention
(while in a shop)
layla: "oyy pip i like this dress it is extremely yum"
pip: rayray?
(then proceeds to staunch it)
by mc loserr June 13, 2008
When saying Rachel/Raychill is too hard to do. It's also a way of saying such name's in the presence of friends named as such. Normally its toward's someone black/way too white.
Ray-ray, pull your damn pants up.
by ZandaG March 28, 2008
Name of a poor dirty kid on 851 who drives a Honda Civic. Name usually followed by barking.
Hey there, Ray-Ray Woof Woof! Wanna race in our piece of shit japanese imports?
by Ze Kapitan Muslim January 18, 2005
person who isn't being quite as smart as they should be
wow that drug dealer is being ray ray cause that guy he tried to deal to is a under cover cop
by Barack0Bonzo June 24, 2011
word u say when u knock someones stuff off the table they are sitting at and run away. u usually do this on purpose.
*danny walks past hunters desk and knocks off his pencil case
by jjrrrr July 10, 2008
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