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R3v3nged - The best 60 attack pure in Runescape. He's a force to be wrecking with, it's like he's the next black jesus.

He is dragon claw pro and uber fine.
R3v3nged asked: May i take your hat sir?
by sfdfdkifsfdf August 06, 2009
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#1 GodSword Pure in Runescape. 2 def makes him the better tank. simply 1337 - best hybrid and works his opponents with his saradomin cape. killing kids in .5 since 1998. he is THE LAST PURE currently with only skill and determination. waterstaff hybriding makes him legend - if you see R3v3nged be prepared to strap your helmets on.
R3v3nged is the number Godsword pure in Runescape.
Damn, R3v3nged tanked our whole clan cuz he's 1337
Wow! R3v3nged is just a beast i cant even compare
by Carlito Perez March 23, 2010

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