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A take on pwnage, to Qwn means to undertake a task to a massively substandard level. This is usually applied in gaming circles, however Qwnage can also be used in any situation where you have just been pwned, yet for some strange reason still believe that you are uber.
Like Oh My God dude i just got 5/57 on BF!! I displayed teh uber Qwnage
by A Gamer April 16, 2006
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taking pwnage to a whole new letter.
Did you just see that n00b with a rocket launcher get qwned by a plasma pistol? that's QWNAGE!!
by special.ed April 06, 2008
A whole letter more of "pwning"

(Gamer term)

Also can be Qwn, Qwnd, Qwnage, Qwning, & Qwnr.

Pretty self explanatory, unless you are a noob

"Oh man did you see that?! That spike grenade absorbed the laser he just shot and blew up in that guys face!"
"Now thats serious qwnage right there"

& yes that actually happened...
by Whytny April 28, 2008
noun form of the word qwn
HOLY SHIT! He just knifed their entire team! Qwnage!!!1
by RoboSpy March 12, 2004

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