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Any pair of thugs who are a pain in the ass for everyone else, taking revenge on the World because Daddy Saddam used to bugger them when they were kids.
Qusay and Uday are so mean becuz they miss Daddy Saddam's dick
by Hugh G Rection March 10, 2005
The sons of Saddam Hussein who were adjudged not fit to breed and were given an infusion of lead instead of vasectomies.
Qusay and Uday were rendered sterile by means of numerous implants of copper coated lead boluses of 5.56mm diameter.
by harry flashman August 03, 2003
A pair of bullet-riddled corpses.
If I were one of the soldiers who stormed Uday and Qusay's shack, I would empty my clips at them, reload, then fire again at their dead asses.
by Elgeoharris December 12, 2003
Dead mother fuckers!!!
Those Hussein boys are some dead mother fuckers.
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
Ixnay on Uday and Qusay with the bullet holes in the headray. Two dead Hussainis who were as dumb and cruel as their dad, the soon to be dead Saddam (-itte)
Shoot the kids and Daddy will cry.
by BobL July 28, 2003
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