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1.N. The moaning sounds that come from a woman's mouth when a rubbing motion is applied to her genitalia.
2.V. To stimulate, through rubbing motions, a woman's quim (fun bits) so as to produce a variety of moaning sounds.
1,Judging by that sound, somebody is having a pretty good quimble! Did you ever hear such a quimble?!
2.'Baby, I'm going to give you such a quimbling that you ain't gonna be able to see straight!'
by Skidoobie 23 May 08, 2013
0 0
(n) variant of quim. Affectionate name for the female pudenda.
Your quimble makes me tremble with excitement!
by Ribs Wingart October 18, 2003
11 1
Any rock formation that looks like any body part.
Hey, look at that quimble over there! It looks like an ear!
by LolCrackers April 06, 2010
3 2
The action of the spinchter muscle as it strives to hold back an imminent shat.

Also, quimbling.
I should not have had that second enchilada. I had a 2 hour quimble attack during the meeting.
by Mark & Jeff & Robo June 23, 2006
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