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1.) the phenomenon of being undeniably fucked in a rapid, unpredictable way. An unforeseen fuckjob.
1.) "What the hell? Where did this ticket come from?" "QUICK DICK!"

2.) Robert received a QUICK DICK from his roommate when he returned to see an eviction notice on his front door.
by a55hor53 May 11, 2014
When a girl uses a guy for sex.
Brandon: Dude my Ex just wants to have sex because her boyfriend is out today.

Jonathan: Wtf slut shes using you as a quick dick.

A booty call for girls.
by p3n1z February 08, 2012
To suffer from premature ejaculation. The inability to last long enough during sex to please the partner.
Why did Ryan and Stephie break up? Ryan had a bad case of quick dick and she just couldn't deal with it any more...
by GoneJuan February 21, 2015
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