Pie-like dish made with eggs, and followed by spinach, mushrooms or some other filling.
I don't like eggs so I guess I won't be having quiche for dinner.
by Saints October 17, 2003
(v.) to be unable, avoid, or otherwise fail to meet a commitment.
Jack said he was coming to the gig tonight, but he's quiched.
by MythMoth February 02, 2008
adj. 1. a rich, unsweetened custard pie with egg filling; 2. derogatorily used to describe a person who is unsubstantial and carries pretensions, or is disingenuous.
He likes to think he's interesting but he's such a flake - he's so quiche.
by Cori J. November 12, 2006
a gay food usually served as an entree and followed by an carrot cake for dessert.
When Joey had Elliot over for tea, he prepared a delicious spinach quiche.
by Ben Dover January 11, 2004
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