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like a quife, but a dick fart instead of at pussy fat
I was fuckin this gurl reall hard right and then she quifed! Its okay though cause i quibbled right after...
by Brozo The Clown November 05, 2010
8 7
Unfair and plain evasion of the truth by use of ambiguous terms.
He quibbled along and eventually enraged the inquirers.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
27 9
When one pouts and their bottom lip quivers. See also wibble.
I quibble when my boyfriend doesn't do what I want him to.
by Lindsay Bloom February 04, 2004
10 10
a shady act or person
dizzam yo dat shizz aint swankesque it be quibbles

yo nug, you quibblin'
by brock November 12, 2003
2 2
a quandary, a problem, in a bit of a spot
"it appears we are in a bit of a quibble..."
by Jessihmica December 21, 2009
3 4
A queef that blows bubbles
"that hoe had so much semen in her jeeman that she quibbled" (resulting in jizz bubbles)
by fitzkrieg August 27, 2009
7 9
when looking at an object it appears to be smiling. could be a light or an animal or just a random thing like a leaf. usually occurs on consumption of certain things ie alcohol or weed.
A - "what u looking at??"
B - "theres a quibble over there..."
A - "oh yeah that cloud is totally smiling"
by Zachary1604 February 23, 2009
3 5