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A vaginal fart, sometimes caused by pressure in rear so wind escapes out the front but can also be used to describe that loud ugly sound that occurs when wind enters the vagina during intercourse.
that queve really made my flaps flutter
by anon January 29, 2004
pussy fart. gas escaping when too much wetness. usually spelled queef.
"as soon as i stuck it in, she queefed upon my phallus"
by BioMan January 31, 2004
To walk, run, skip, gallop or move to a desired spot or just anywhere you feel; to move or go; to gather around; the act of moving or just chilling in a certain spot. The definition of queve is very flexible and may be used in many different contexts.
We're going to queve to Burger King
Why is everyone queving around me?
Let's go queve over there
Queving is fun
'm going to queve over there
by LIKENOOTHERBAMF March 07, 2011
The mix between que and ever, que-ever, shortening to "queve" ultimatly giving you "what"ever in a very choppy spanglish.
Synonymous with "whatever."
Miss: "You know I was right about that movie, Jaunniee."

Juanniee: "Queve"
by JGoosey June 02, 2005
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