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3 definitions by Lazybum

A shortened version of vomit. A quicker way to get your point across in times of emergency
"OMG i am about to vom"
"quick get her to the loo"

"that is so gross i want to vom in your face"
"how kind"
by Lazybum November 02, 2009
56 19
A clever combination of 'See Ya' and 'Laters' for those times when more than one word is just too much of an effort
"Anyways as you are being so unresponsive i am going to leave"
by Lazybum November 02, 2009
7 1
A clever combination of 'quoi' (french for what) and ever. Used instead of Whatever but cooler and more 'hip'. Can really raise your social status.
"I think that teacher is going to go crazy if you don't do your work"

"I don't want to go out with you anymore"
by Lazybum November 02, 2009
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