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1. The name my brother uses to call the XBOX:360 game "Gears of War."
2.Referring to homosexual people in the armed forces.
"Look, he's playing Queers of War again!!! What a loser."

"Yeah ok, your nothing but a Queer of War, fighting those helpless Iraqis"
by CoronaExtra18 January 06, 2007
50 35
The name of An all homosexual army unit. They wear cute uniforms and armed with cute looking weapons and other assorted cute equipment and vehicles.
Opfor- Durka durka, here cums the queers of war. Do not surrender fight to the death unless ye want to be fucked in the asshole as a POW durka durk.

Shawn- Like, Whatever. <with a limp wrist>
by OPERATIONgetBEHINDthemQUEERS March 31, 2010
7 11
militant non-straight people. Probably a play on 'dogs of war'.
That's it--I tried to be reasonable, but I give up. Unleash the queers of war!
by smeee August 17, 2007
7 29