Someone who is queer and being a weirdo at the same time.
That motherfoya is a major queerdo cuz he beats off to car magizines
by BLAH BLAH November 24, 2003
-To be and weird and gay. Not to confuse with someone of heterosexual nature, who is weird.
Showing up extra early for a gay parade.

"John is a queerdo, he likes going to gay parades wearing nothing.
by UnceBaby November 24, 2010
Someone that is gay but not just gay, weirdly gay.
Dude, John is such a queerdo, he is always wearing womens heels out to the bar.
by Montclairs Finest November 07, 2010
1. Someone who is a queer and extremely weird.

2. A weirdo
I hope I don't have to sit next to a Queerdo on the plane.
by nitestryker_x01 April 07, 2010
This is a rude way of saying a homosexual or gay dude is weird or awkward.
Hey John, queerdo's like you turn me on... no homo.
by "milk"man June 18, 2009
a queer weirdo.
Dude that guy looking at us across the bar is a total queerdo.
by blaanket March 02, 2009
Queer + Weirdo = Queerdo.
That strange man is definitely a queerdo.
by LotSX December 14, 2008
Weird Queer. Variant of Weirdo but used to describe an unusual or queer "Queer".
Check out the fag in the pastel blue leisure suit. What a Queerdo!
by Patrick Allen Jones March 29, 2008
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