Someone who is queer and being a weirdo at the same time.
That motherfoya is a major queerdo cuz he beats off to car magizines
by BLAH BLAH November 24, 2003
When someone is so obsurd they merit being called both 'queer' and 'weirdo' at the same time
That crazy homeless guy who tried to marry me last night was a total queerdo.
by pennylane0000 January 11, 2012
When someone does something incredably stupid and are acting queer and weird

Nick for believing that he invented the word
Nick is a queerdo for believing that he invented the word
A word to which describes someone with such social awkwardness that makes them considered ludicrous by society.
Guy 1: I have a banana in my sock.
Guy 2: Why???
Guy 1: It was cold.
Guy 2: Your a queerdo.
by AnthroWolf01 August 11, 2011
When someone you know is acting queeringly weird.
Friend 1: "Check out my pic at Disney wearing a sailor suit while posing with Donald Duck!"

Friend 2: "QUEERDO!"
by raddik March 15, 2011
Any excessively weird and/or creepy homosexual.
Do you see the way Jesse Ray is always stuntin' across the quad with his fur coat and girl pants? I don't have anything against gay people but that guy is a serious queerdo.
by OmegaCerebro June 17, 2009
A Person that is the highest peak of weird. He/she isn't necessarily really queer (gay/lesbian).
Oh god that guy with the green hair is SUCH a queerdo!
by Lksdlvr94 March 21, 2009
simply being queer and a weirdo at the same time...
Chad is so annoying.. what a queerdo
by lalaladybug February 26, 2009

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