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A queef that is so big, so bad, so intense that only a parody of the man who plays Jack Bauer will do.
"That was no ordinary coochie fart Kim, that was a Queefer Sutherland."
by Yes I win! April 07, 2006
1. A clever and innovative way of calling one a queef, while also demonstrating your vast knowledge of the artistic stylings of Kiefer Sutherland.
So he really took a shit on your girlfriend's chest huh? What a Queefer Sutherland...
by dingleberry jones March 02, 2005
A derogatory name for the under-talented, over-rated actor Keifer Sutherland. To suggest that he is not as bad-ass as his characters are, and in fact is ( or may have..) a vagina that expels gas.
Question: You ever watch that T.V. show called "24"? Answer: Nope, I can't stand that actor "Queefer Sutherland".
by SMOKINGMAN1961 July 13, 2009
When you have sex with a female for 24 hrs staright, that she lets out a queef so loud that lasts 24 min. People beguin to think its a bomb that they need to call Jack Bauer to come save the day.
At 5am there was a loud explosion heard by the airport, it turned out to be a Queefer Sutherland at the local Holiday Inn.
by OhhhhAlllll August 02, 2007
The master of the queef. Queefer Sutherland sets the standards for queefing by which all queefing females abide to. While a deviation from this norm is uncommon, it nevertheless becomes the male companion's responsibility for telling everyone he knows about such a deviation.
Sundin: Hey Tie, you're wife queefs harder than Queefer Sutherland.
Quinn: HAHA yea, she does. Oh by the way Tie, YOU'RE BENCHED.
by March 24, 2006
Similar to the regular queef, however the farting sound eminates from the rectum as opposed to the vagina.
Dude, I bent her over the coffee table and as I was punishing the brown star, she let out a Queefer Sutherland.
by Sharklowski October 18, 2005
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