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n. meaning off the hook, off the chain, off the charts. Often mistaken for fucking a virgin, but just the same, its real ill shit, like the illest, but not sick, but in a good way.
yo son that bentley coupe is sick, yea its tight banging, and wasnt that paris driving it?
by T.dot March 28, 2007
The master of the queef. Queefer Sutherland sets the standards for queefing by which all queefing females abide to. While a deviation from this norm is uncommon, it nevertheless becomes the male companion's responsibility for telling everyone he knows about such a deviation.
Sundin: Hey Tie, you're wife queefs harder than Queefer Sutherland.
Quinn: HAHA yea, she does. Oh by the way Tie, YOU'RE BENCHED.
by T.dot March 24, 2006
A russian bloodline of highly skilled black hockey players dating back many centuries. Although some argue that the true origins of the family came from Khazakstan, it is generally accepted that the Noggularpotsev family name is Russian.
Bradulov: yo man Noggularpotsev made a fuckin sweet dangle tonight eh?
Gretzky: shit man i missed it
Bradulov: dude, you have to watch NHL On The Fly tonight, your brain will melt inside your head and drip out of your ears and nose.
Gretzky: that good eh?
Bradulov: yeeeee!
Naslund: yeeeeeeee!
Gretzky: brad man your such a fuckin communist
Bradulov: *throws furniture*
by T.dot March 23, 2006
Stupid annoying girl. Likes attention. Thinks she's funny. Not the type of person you want your kids to hang out with.
God this bitch is really annoying me. Her name must be Michelle
by t.dot November 09, 2014
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