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Quebec City is the oldest city in North America after Jamestown and the only walled city in north of Mexico (400 yrs old in 2008). It's the second biggest city in Quebec (province) after Montreal and the 7 in Canada (Population of Quebec is about 720 000 citizens). Mostly residants of Quebec City hate Mtl and the fuc*ing habs. Quebec City is the city that has the most hockey fans in america.
Quebec City had the biggest rivality in all sports; Nordiques-Canadiens
by mtdqcc June 26, 2007
1. The capital of Québec province, in Canada. Most of the government institutions are located in this city. The city is located on the north shore of the St-Lawrence, at about 250 km north-east of Montreal. The Mayor is Regis Labeaume.

2. Physically the most beautiful City of the wide country, in which the Old Québec is litterally a small Europe. However, that's also a city in which citizens are weird. Half of them is on the Upper Town or the upper class suburbs and are a little bit snob. And the other half, who lives in the Lower Town and the lower class suburbs are narrowminded morons brainwashed by the Right-Wing media establishment of the City with unconsiderate hate for every smart and well informed scholar and for differences.
1. L'Assemblée nationale, where MP behave like kindergarden kids, is located in Québec City.

2. a) Some people in Sillery and Lac-Beauport are snobby.
b)" When my baccalauréat will be done, I'll move out to the Bas-St-Laurent, I'm too proud to be treated like shit by trisomics brain washed by Fillion, Arthur and their friends.
by theerudite89 December 11, 2009
Quebec city is a beautiful city but the people are idiots. They have an inferiority complex and they are all civil servants, costing the province of Quebec precious money that they don't deserve. They are racist and biggoted and they suffer from a culture of entitlement.
I moved to Quebec City 4 months ago and I want to gtfo
by Lafl September 17, 2007
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