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Something hip or cool that gets spread around.
Hey dude, you have caught the queally.
by Jumbojames April 16, 2009
56 19

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the hottest. you want me.
wow. queally is hot.
by Queally February 19, 2004
14 26
1. my best friend with the rhyming name and same pink shoes (from preschool :D)and one of most awesome people ive ever met. and an incredible gift giver.
2. to be a little more than healthily obsessed with the impact the cosmos have on daily life.
3. to have unrivaled fashion sense and sex appeal
i was such a queally when i saw this shooting star and realized that mars was TOTALLY conjunct with venus and thusly determined that "he'll" fall madly in love with me.

2. wow you are so queally in that amazing outfit whilst juggling five guys in one night
by haley February 22, 2004
10 26