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A nice ass on a girl; someone who has a good butt.
That girl over there has a real quave.
by Rory Fincher January 05, 2006
a male queef, usually happens when a male jacks off and needs to fart and his dick hole(the eye) opens and it makes a farting noise
Guy 1: Dude did you see Forbidden Secrets last night?
Guy 2: Yeah but it was akward cause i quaved really loud.
Guy 1: Me too
by 27JMK27 March 26, 2008
when a man inverts his asshole tube and sticks it in a woman's vagina causing here to queef six or more times, this is called a quave.
Wife: I'm bored.

Husband: How about a quave?
by Hannah Nichols June 08, 2006
When there is no other word for anything that you may say which will contribute to the likeleness of the words relevence in any way.
Man, Im felling the quave.
by pimpmasterM May 18, 2003
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