similar to a wad, only not as thick in consistency, and not lumpy, a regular load generally
ahh it was so satisfying to leave a quat behind
by oz May 23, 2003
Top Definition
A girl that makes you hate her more than any other female you've ever met. A combination of a queef, twat, and cunt.
"Did that quat really just grab my boyfriend's ass?"
by mopetes September 29, 2011
1) A phrase used in times of emotional distress or great happiness.

2) The best thing since the blender.
When the bus hit the bump, the small rodent screamed, "QUATS!"
by Quats McBlender December 01, 2010
A zit or pimple. As seen in William Shakespeare's "Othello".
"I have rubbed this young quat almost to the sense, and he grows angry." Iago, "Othello", V.i.11-12
by IagoDeBergerac January 19, 2012
A cross between a cunt and a twat.
Why you gotta be such a quat all the time? Jesus. Take a xany and chill the fuck out.
by Onthedime June 29, 2014
Verbally meaning the same as quit, but used as past-tense.
I quat that horrible place years ago.
I quat using the Internet when I became fat from all the cheeseburgers and shakes.
That roadkill quat living yesterday.
She finally quat yapping when the dog started howling at her.
Thankfully that guy quat working here months ago.
I should have quat while I had the chance.
by thunderleg October 04, 2005
How you say "what" in Frenglish.

Common in Montreal

Frenglish guy: Ca fait combien pour cet T-shirt de American Apparel?

Sales person: Ca fait cinqaunte pieces.

Frenglish guy: Quat!?
by spartiqus January 26, 2009
Slang for Quarter usually used in drug circles.
'Yo, you got a quat fo' tree five?'

Translation: "Pardon me, but do you still have a Quarter of (name your favorite drug here) for three hundred and fifty dollars?"
by MISTA T October 29, 2007
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