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1. Almost, but not really
2. Strange, weird, or obscure.
Ill just have to sit here while he things of some other quasisexual things to do with me.
by Gotenski December 29, 2004
when someone is completely wasted that he/she ends up looking like Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. This look is often characterized by one eye shut and hunching over (maybe a little drooling, too)
Girl 1: I tried calling Brett last night so we could meet up... I called like 5 times.... He answered once, but all I heard were grunts and heavy breathing.

Girl 2: Don't take it personally, he was quasi
by :D:):D:):D January 04, 2010
Something that is weird or out of the ordinary.
That person over there is talking to a wall, that's quasi.
by NIpTErINk January 06, 2004
When two people are in a relationship that they are extremely unsure about and won't admit anything to their friends about where their relationship is going.

Often times roommates will plan their night around hanging out with their "quasi" so that they won't jeopardize friendships including bromances.
Dave: "Yo Bro, what you up to this week man?"
Brian: "I'm hanging out with the quasi on Monday."
Dave: "Waaa, allright bro I guess that I will plan something with my quasi on Monday so that we can bro-out the rest of the week"
by Coriah April 03, 2009
Pretender, wannabe, not really

Person who's faking his ability to do something. He may know some basic things but in reality he has no idea what he's talking about or what he's doing.
He keeps talking about Nietzsche even though he has n idea what's his philosophy is about.

Yea, that dude is such a quasi intellectual.

He keeps talking about hacking into peoples accounts even though his skills are not even close to script kiddie skills.

He's definition of quasi hacker
by AbsintheSyringe March 25, 2011
When a girl does something sexual, but doesn't cause the male(s) involved to cum.
Nah dude it was a quasi! It wasn't good enough to get me blue-balled.
by xBatesanx January 08, 2011
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