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A short piece of writing or prose often with no point or purpose.
Example of a vinaigrette:

The ignorance he had was what she loathed the most about him.

The way he wasn’t in to politics or world issues; the way he smiled on holidays meant for mourning; the way he laughed off a D minus in geometry; the way he was always laid back and care free as if everything, everywhere, was fine. She hated that quality, detested him for it. She would never forgive him for his naivety.

And yet…
#vinaigrette #writing #prose #poetry #vinigrette
by TheInamorata January 14, 2008
A wet and sour liquid used to spoil food that would otherwise be good with mayonnaise based dressings like ranch or bleu cheese.
Waiter, this salad is already damp and sour. Please bring me one without vinaigrette, and a side of ranch dressing.
#vinegrette #vinagrette #vinigrette #oil and vinegar #salad dressing
by Bleu Cheese May 14, 2015
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