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An exclamation serving nearly any purpose. Originating from Bob Wood.
"QUAM!" -Bob Wood
by La~ May 10, 2004
20 46
a trouble; a problem.
Her only quam is that he still lives at his parents' house.
by ~D March 21, 2007
151 108
Female equivalent of cum / semen i.e. vaginal mucus.
My penis was covered in quam.
by Elberto The Brave January 30, 2014
9 1
The male equivalent to Ma'am, not to be confused with Sir. It can be used for either gender and is always spelled in all capital letters.
Excuse me, QUAM. That is my Nutella!
by ChazzytheFifth September 11, 2012
19 22
Newfoundland term for feeling stomach sick. Could be after eating a meal that doesn't 'sit right' or just general stomach sickness.
Newfoundland saying: "After havin' a feed of Rotten Ronney's, I feels right quam"

Translation: "After having a meal of McDonald's, I am feeling quite stomach sick."
by mkoy June 28, 2012
3 11
also known as flap snot
my hand got stuck in her sticky quam
by Neil November 15, 2004
49 70
"Quams" word for pussy
last night i got some quams
by Poe-Boy May 16, 2007
22 44
Someone whose stupidity is contradictory of evolution.
"That Quam, Peter, wouldn't be half as jobless if he would just learn to fucking read."
by Combatbat February 10, 2005
30 52