a queer; or gay fag.
He's such a quag.
#quag #quaggot #quack #queer #faggot
by Lynzayyy May 13, 2009
a person who has a parent who is a homosexual
Your father's a queer, youra quag!
#homosexual #homo #gay #fagit #fag
by Ronny Thompson April 05, 2006
A semi, or half boner (woody)
1)i'm so quag right now.
2)your geting me quag.
3)touch my quag.
4)look i'm quag.
by Nials March 03, 2005
(kwag) General insult(i.e. dumbass or jerk etc.) commonly used as a adjective.
That kid never shows up, he is such a quag.
by >KI< Goat June 19, 2004
A combination of a queer and a fag.
You are a Quag!-or-What a Quag.
by Cody Boullt March 16, 2005
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