a queer; or gay fag.
He's such a quag.
by Lynzayyy May 13, 2009
A semi, or half boner (woody)
1)i'm so quag right now.
2)your geting me quag.
3)touch my quag.
4)look i'm quag.
by Nials March 03, 2005
a person who has a parent who is a homosexual
Your father's a queer, youra quag!
by Ronny Thompson April 05, 2006
(kwag) General insult(i.e. dumbass or jerk etc.) commonly used as a adjective.
That kid never shows up, he is such a quag.
by >KI< Goat June 19, 2004
A combination of a queer and a fag.
You are a Quag!-or-What a Quag.
by Cody Boullt March 16, 2005

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