Part of Speech:Adverb
Compound Word: Consisting of the words "Queer" and "Fag"

A person that exemplifies the quality of an overacheiver. A Quag is given their title on the first day of the month they show these qualities, and people recognize it. This is called A "Quagdom". A Quagdom can last for 1-3 months depending on how long it takes for another Quag to be recognized. Whenever you see the Quag, you come up to them and scream "QUAG!" in their face, as a punishment for being a person like this.
"He is such a quag"
"He's the quag of the month"
by Christbear November 01, 2011
A quag is a usually painful, violent expulsion of gas from one's penis. Quags usually only happen to transiet phillipino hookers, so be sure to watch for that next time you're out on the town.
Oh my god my hooker just Quaged!!
by The Dartmouth Kid July 07, 2011
someone who is both a quieff and a fag
Tom:You are such a quag!

Jim:Shit, i'm a quag.
by mukamk May 11, 2010
Someone who is extremly homosexual or just outright despicable. Originates from the prefix of the word "queer" and the suffix (or last two letters) of the word "fag."
"Billy and Mike just made out in public. Fucking quags."
by Jones June 24, 2004
slang referring to an object or person who is both queer and fag. Or a sort of happy, loud, obnoxious, gay, action or object.
Referring to a metrosexual or gay male:
Kathy: "Wow that guy was a flamer..."
Michael: "I know, he was defiantly quag."
by KayShiznit December 13, 2010
being a queer and fag
"Yeah, Alicia is a total quag."
by britkid111 April 29, 2010
Queer + Fag = Quag. Someone who is the queerest of the queer and the faggiest of the fags.
Brad Pitt makes me feel like a quag because hes hot.
by Shake ChaBooty January 14, 2007

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