As an alternate to "Quoted For Truth" QFT can be used in the same manner and context to mean "Quite Fucking True".
"The drinking age of 21 is too damn high. It should be 18."

by KPalicz April 05, 2006
Quest For Trees - on a quest to find some pot.
Bob - "Hey man how goes the QFT."
Joe - "QFT?"
Bob - "Quest For Trees."
Joe - "oh yea man i picked up from Jim"
by supraman84 May 29, 2009
QFT= Quality Friendship Time

QFT is when you hang out with your best friends and spend some good, fun, quality time together, and take lots of amazing pictures and come up with some hilarious inside jokes.
"HEY COURTNEY! we need to have QFT again really soon!"
by Schaels November 27, 2009
Stands for "Quit Fucking Talking". It's quite simple what it's used for, when someone says something ludicrous you have to use those very special 3 words.
Person 1: "Well furries are a way to express emotion and fetish!"

Person 2: "QFT. Srsly."
by Luke Herman February 26, 2008
Quit fucking trolling.
Troll: yo i am a gangster
Guy: QFT
by Brett_ March 11, 2007
QFT = Quiet Fucking True.

Used in quotting someone who you agree with.
<one> Hey dude, it's not our mistake you didn't show up.
<two> you didn't even call us!
<third> "you didn't even call us!" QFT!
by Dx619 May 26, 2008
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