1. Quoted for Truth
Has the same usage as Quoted for Emphasis (QFE)

2. Quit Fucking Talking
Sometimes casues confusion as it has the same abbreviation as something that means the exact opposite.
1. "The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them."
"QFT bro."

"QFT you scrub bitch."
by JClem July 26, 2006
1.) Quoted for Truth
2.) Quit Fucking Talking

Used in website forums.

Dude: My life sucks.
Dick: QFT!

Rambler: Actually, I have an opinion worth noting. Just because you like it and I don't doesn't mean I'm wrong - or you're right. It simply means we have different views on the subject. If you were to tell me you disliked something I personally enjoyed, I wouldn't verbally attack you.
TheRightOne: QFT!
RandomOnlooker: Owned.
by YapmelkXela October 11, 2009
Message Board slang with a variety of meanings. Originally it stood for "Quoted for Truth", after a quote someone deems emphasis-worthy.

It could also mean "Quite Fuckin True!"
ex. "I love when balls are in my face."

by D-O-Double Jeff February 10, 2009
QFT is used in online forums, and stands for Quoted For Truth.
account1: "I registered earlier as account 2 and forgot that I did so, please change my post count accordingly!"

account2: *quotes post* "QFT"
by nish81 August 19, 2006
1. Quoted for truth; used on forums to show one's agreeing with another.

2. Quit fuckin' talkin'; used on MMO's to make retards shut the fuck up.

1. Kid 1: I r dum..

Kid 2: QTF

2. Kid 1: omfg i hate this game.

Kid 2: ...

Kid 1: So many idiots.

Kid 2: ...

Kid 1: i think they ish hackorz.

Kid 2: QFT!
by KevinGe July 15, 2009
1) Common use in forums; "Quoted for truth."
2) Means for possession of a quote; "Quote for taking."
3) Adverb, verb, noun for a period of quiet sex; "Quiet fuck time."
1) -quote- user: "OMG QFT!"
2) -quote- user:"Ok yeah, im going to use that QFT."
3) Friend one: "why didn't you answer the phone?"

Friend two: "I turned everything off, we were having a QFT this afternoon."
by Stagger0 October 07, 2010
Contrary to popular belief, QFT actually stands for Quit Fucking Talking.
Bill: <insert wall of text>
Stan: QFT
by Angryblackguy September 21, 2009
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