Quelle Fucking Surprise. A sarcastic response to the usual bullshit. Popularized by Canadian author Douglas Coupland in "Generation X."
"Phillip stood me up again. QFS, eh?"
by Ix.star November 04, 2011
Quoted For Stupidity
John Doe: 5x5=10 you stupid people!
Jane: ^QFS
by Chase M. May 31, 2006
Quick fuck and suck.
Another way of saying a quickie.
Jenny needs a QFS.
by QFS lover April 20, 2011
See Quantum Four Square
1. You down for some QFS?
by Chickae November 16, 2006
Quote From Self.

Used on forum to recap earlier statements in long discussion threads.
I don't know why you think I would say that, in fact I stated the contrary earlier in this forum: QFS:"I don't agree with that theory"
by Tim Lathouwers January 13, 2008

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